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Mamo and Hosoya is why I’m still up~!!!!!


1am… I have to be up in 5 hours omg….

But I had to listen to Mamo and Hosoya’s Valvrave Radio episode before the website updated and it was gone forever!!!

These two. I never realized how little they knew about each other.  This was the first time they’ve ever done radio together and Hosoya was so high tension and sweating buckets (Mamo kept mentioning it) and they just both kept laughing over a lot of things.  Hosoya was probably nervous, I think it was mentioned… but between the laughter and the sounds Hosoya was making (Mamo mentioned that even though he’s grateful that Hosoya was talking a lot, a lot of his words were sounding like onomatopoeia XD XD XD I guess Hyper Hosoya with his normal husky voice, it was bound to happen) I can’t be too sure. 

It seems that they’ve only gone out for a meal together once.  Now, for those who work on the same series together, it’s pretty common to go out after work and bond.  You’d think that with Chihayafuru, Inu x Boku and Valvrave between Mamo and Hosoyan, they’d have gone out a few times. But noooo and Mamo’s answer to the listener’s letter about it was …..LOLOLOL

Apparently it takes Hosoya time to cozy up to people. Mamo mentions how numerous times he’d make a pass at Hosoya but the darned boy would just stand there and smile wryly. According to Mamo.
And Hosoya’s excuse was that Mamo has a brother and is used to skinship whereas the only child that Hosoyan was is not used to it.

PLEASE SEIYUU GODS PUT THESE TWO IN RADIO TOGETHER MORE!!! They have so much potential (for crack and other things) 


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